Available for talks and presentations

  • Safety, hygiene, trust, context and harmonizing desire
  • The dangers of arrogance, assumption and ignorance
  • Etiquette, respect, dignity, and the fluidity of consent and libido
  • Human sexual psychology, discipline and anatomy
  • Communication; reading signals, ambience; building the bubble
  • Working with the submissive & masochistic mind; conditioning
  • Excitement triggers, additive initiators, working with emotion
  • Peripheral rope (tying without consciousness)
  • Symbiotic flow; navigating and driving the session
  • Nerves; the erotic highway, hypersensitivity and touch
  • Psychological bondage and shame (as opposed to humiliation)
  • The pleasure of untying and the joy of release – purification
  • Dreamspace, recovery, check-in and care