Many Japanese phrases common in modern rope bondage were first coined by Nureki Chimuo to embellish adult VHS sleeve notes.

As one example, in the early 1980s Nureki simply joined 官能 (the senses​; sensuality; carnality​) and 縄 (rope; cord) to produce Kannōnawa.

Long active in the Japanese underground scene, my philosophy comes from the proverb, a stake that stands out will be hammered back down, but a stake that stands out too much will not. Meaning, if you’re slightly above average, you’ll be pushed back down to mediocrity, but if you excel, you’ll rise above the rest.

Thus, we are all on a journey together and, at the same time on our idiosyncratic paths. Leading development into a multidimensional realm of combining Shibari macramé rope tying together with anatomical-neurological and emotional-psychological elements, I base my Kinbaku on understanding the prime fantasies and libido of my session partners, using the term Kannōnawa.