Japanese colleagues call me Bakushi. What does this mean? Baku (縛) restraint is my motivation. Rope is the versatile, tactile and subtle medium to provide this.

Tying for many years, in 2000 I was introduced to the underground scene in Japan. Initially absorbing in SM bars, happening clubs and pink theatres, I took instruction from a diverse variety of approaches, including Shigonawa Bingo, Yukimura Haruki, Jubei Kamui, Harutokyou, and have worked with Aotsuki Nagare, Yoi Yoshida, Kazami Ranki, Kasumi Hourai, Kinoko Hajime, Akira Naka, Etc.

I’m most closely associated with Ero Ouji, having tied together on many occasions, evolving the Kannōnawa style.

I’ve performed at pink theatres, Onawa Asobi 2015-6, and since 2013 spontaneous live Kinbaku sessions on the discreet international private party circuit.